Man Donates $1,300 Bike to Disabled Child

A retired business man stepped up to assist the family

A Hillcrest family was left heartbroken after their son's special needs bike was stolen from their front porch.

But a retired business man stepped up to assist the family.

After the story aired on NBC San Diego, local resident Gerry Micklos called the station hoping to help.

“When I called I really was thinking someone else may have already called to do it frankly,” Micklos said. “But what really touched me was the love of the mother and her son when you cradled him in your arms on the sofa, that pretty much did it for me."

He went online and ordered Ryan a brand new bike, just like the one that was stolen. A $1,300 gift, he said, is in memory of his own mother.

“I want Ryan to know somehow that at Christmas time there's just not bad people out there, there's good people and I want him to think Santa Claus is still there and good,” Micklos said.

The Croft family said they cannot wait to receive Ryan's new bike in a few weeks. They'll finally be able to take their first family bike ride together. 

But once the new bike arrives, they said they’ll make sure to buy a lock to keep it safe.

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