Man Busted at VA After Ex-Wife's Throat Slashed

Police arrest an Imperial Beach man in La Jolla hours after he allegedly attacked his ex-wife and a man miles away.

Miguel Del Valle, 48, is being held in the county jail downtown. Police said he was arrested at the Veterans Administration Hospital on La Jolla Village Drive, where he had gone to be treated for some cuts.

The stabbings occurred Tuesday at about 8:30 a.m. in the 3600 block of Ocean View Boulevard in the Mountain View neighborhood of San Diego. Police said a man and woman who entered a market were followed in by Del Valle, who started to argue with the man. Del Valle then pulled out a knife and stabbed the man, according to investigators.

After realizing the man stabbing her companion was her ex-husband, the woman left the store and tried to flee in her vehicle but realized that the tires had been slashed. She then fled on foot, being chased by Del Valle, police said, who caught up with her a short distance away and stabbed and slashed her throat. She collapsed in front of a church on Oceanview Boulevard.

The victims are both in critical condition but are expected to survive their injuries.

Police said it is likely that Del Valle will be booked on two counts of attempted murder.

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