San Diego

Lyft Expands Pilot Program to Make Ride-Sharing Accessible In Camp Pendleton

On Wednesday, Lyft and Marine Corps Community Services (MCCS) announced an expansion of their pilot program “Base Mode”.

Base Mode launched in 2018 as an in-app option for service men and women to set pickup and drop-off locations at Camp Pendleton with drivers who can access the base. Now, it's an automatic feature in the app if you are on base.

Lyft said approximately 70,000 people travel on, off and around the Camp Pendleton base daily.

"Marine Corps Community Services and Lyft continue to facilitate efficient and economical transportation options for the residents of Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton with this pilot program," said base spokesperson Capt. Luke Weaver. "The last six months have seen an increase in passenger usage as the program grows."

Lyft also said that with the new state legislation changes active duty military and their dependents, who frequently move locations, can now drive for transportation network companies, as armed forces and veterans make up 13 percent of San Diego’s Lyft drivers.

"Military families new to San Diego can now more readily become Lyft drivers," said Lyft San Diego Market Manager, Hao Meng. "Military dependents can especially benefit from this 2019 law because it enables them to quickly become an active part of the local economy."

Lyft said they have over 1,000 local drivers with base access, including members of the military, their family members, retired veterans and credentialed civilians.

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