Locals Share Thoughts on Expectations for Trump's First 100 Days

President-elect Donald Trump has outlined his plan for his first 100 days in office in a contract posted on his website.

In the Contract with the American Voter, Trump states that he wants to “restore honesty and accountability" and bring about change to Washington.

The contract focuses on three main areas: cleaning up corruption and special interests in Washington, protecting American workers, and restoring security and constitutional rule of law.

Trump also outlined his plan to work with Congress to pass legislative measures. They include providing middle class tax relief, ending Common Core, and funding the construction of a wall, with the understanding that Mexico will reimburse the United States.

NBC 7 spoke to local voters, regardless of whom they supported in the election about what they want to see Trump achieve in his first 100 days.

“I think repealing Obamacare would be huge because it's killing the middle class,” said Bonnie Lofton-Fuentes from Santee.

Anna Pollard from Kearny Mesa said: “I don’t think he should repeal it, I think he should make it better. Or if he does repeal it, then he has to come up with something that is not going to affect those people who are on it right now.”

El Cajon resident Jim McGough told NBC 7 that he believed that besides Obamacare, Trump needs to "organize government" and "cut it down."

"I think that’s what he’s got to do," McGough said. "Border security. We live in San Diego and we know what that’s like, so whatever he can do with that would be nice.”

But one Tijuana resident in San Diego disagreed.

“There’s already border security so I don’t what else you can do,” the resident said.

But regardless of the specific action plan, Lakeside resident Linda Rich said she hopes Trump will keep his promise.

“Make America great again, like he promised. That’s my hope," Rich said.

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