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Less Traffic Could Mean Higher Chance of Getting a Ticket on Area Freeways

If you’ve been out at all in the last two months, you’ve noticed quite a big difference on the roads

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One silver lining from the COVID-19 pandemic is there's been a notable difference on the roads and rush hour has been nearly non-existent. With this in mind, some drives are taking advantage of the lack of traffic.

With fewer cars on the road and fewer people commuting, too many people think speed limits on the freeways may not being enforced right now, but authorities say otherwise.

We asked California Highway Patrol if officers are still out on the roads, checking for speeders. The department said they are, so drivers should be mindful of the laws even if there are fewer motorists on the road.

“That’s been a popular topic right now. We are absolutely still out there and we are still enforcing the laws," CHP Officer Mark Latulippe told NBC 7. "We are still responding to crashes, we are still stopping to check on you if you disabled your vehicle, your vehicle becomes disabled on the freeway. We are answering our calls just like we always have."

The chances of getting a speeding ticket could even be a little bit higher right now because there are currently fewer crashes, and that means there are more CHP officers out patrolling the roads with fewer cars.

Also, a good thing to remember is that road construction projects are still happening. That means you have to slow down in those areas.

Tickets are doubled in construction zones, so those fines are hefty and you definitely want to avoid getting one.

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