Kiss My Grass

How to get rid of the lawn and help the drought

The days of water guzzling lawns could be drying up.

Faced with a severe drought, San Diegans are learning quickly how to gut the grass and go without. Local landscapers are providing advice on the right way to do it and replace it with a pretty garden.

Now that Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has declared a drought emergency, Californians are looking for ways to conserve, including  people who are signing up for classes at Quail Botanical Gardens to learn about getting rid of their water-guzzling lawns.

Bye-Bye Grass! is a two-part workshop on March 5 and March 8 that teaches "extermination options" for removing your grass and replacing it with water-smart landscapes.

Nan Sterman, a noted lawn exterminator expert, is at the top of her game when it comes to sustainable gardening and drought-tolerant plants and gardens. She'll divulge methods at the workshop on the pros and cons of chemical and non-chemical methods and ways to physically remove grass, as well as what to replace it with.

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