Valentine's Day

Keep Mylar Balloons Away From Power Lines This Valentine's Day: SDG&E

It's all love and games until a balloon gets entangled in an overhead wire

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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and couples are preparing to express their love through flowers, candy and through an item that a local utility company is warning against – devious mylar balloons.

SDG&E is reminding sweethearts that the festive item can be disruptive and cause power outages when in contact with power lines. The company is urging everyone to “keep their beloved balloons close to their hearts and away from power lines.”

According to SDG&E, a surge in mylar balloon-related incidents is reported around this time of the year. To prevent any power outages from occurring during this romantic holiday, the company advises everyone to:

  • keep mylar balloons inside
  • keep them securely fastened or attached to a weight
  • dispose of balloons by fully deflating them

Anyone who notices any mylar balloons entangled in wires is urged to contact 911 or SDG&E.

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