Last Show for Half of San Diego's “Jeff & Jer” Radio Duo

Radio personality Jerry Cesak has been on the air in San Diego for 27 years, but his last show is on Oct. 14

After more than four decades in the entertainment broadcast business, longtime San Diego radio host Jerry Cesak will be on air for the final time Wednesday as he begins life as a retiree.

Cesak – half of San Diego’s famous “Jeff & Jer” radio duo – announced last month he was retiring from radio, leaving the “Jeff & Jer Showgram” on KyXy 96.5. He said his last show would be on Oct. 14.

On air last week, Cesak said Thursday morning – his first day not going to work – would be the strangest day of his life. He said he’d likely wake up early and hang out in his office at home and, of course, listen to his colleagues on the “Showgram.” Cesak joked that if the show was really bad that morning, he’d return to work immediately.

During his final ime on the airwaves Wednesday, Cesak shared some of his favorite stories from his career and repeatedly said how much he would miss his radio gig.

In a letter addressed to fans last month, Cesak explained the reason for his retirement. In true Jer fashion, he couldn’t resist throwing a number of jokes and jabs at his fellow co-hosts in his “goodbye” announcement.

“Of course, it’s going to be awfully lame without me – but the ‘Showgram’ will still be on,” he razzed.

“The real reason I’m leaving radio can be told in 2 simple words, “It’s time,” Cesak wrote. “I think life comes in chapters, and in my life, the radio chapter is over. And that’s it. It’s just time,” he wrote.

Cesak and his co-hosts said the “Showgram” on KyXy 96.5 will continue to air, even with one man down. Currently, the morning radio program stars Laura Cain, Randy Hoag, Emily Griffiths, producer and on-air sidekick Tommy Sablan and Cesak’s longtime friend and radio partner, Jeff Detrow.

Sablan said last month that CBS and KyXy 96.5 have signed the show for a few morning years and said a new name for the show will be unveiled soon.

Cesak has been in the radio business for 45 years, and “The Jeff & Jer Showgram” has been on the air in San Diego since May, 3, 1988.

Over the past 27 years, the show has been on several different local radio stations, including a four-year run on Clear Channel’s Star 94.1 where the duo had a contract dispute that took them off the air for a couple of years between 2009 and 2011.

In Cesak’s farewell letter to fans last month, he talked about what his fellow co-hosts mean to him, including Detrow.

“Jeff and I have been brothers and partners for 33 years. Professionally and personally we’ve shared so many life experiences. The greatest tribute to our partnership is this: since the beginning we’ve known that from the second we met, we’d be together,” Cesak wrote.

“On the radio, as long-haul truckers, running a bowling alley…whatever – we would have been doing SOMETHING together for the past 33 years. Hopefully, nothing religious. Before I met Jeff, I had a sister. Since 1982 I’ve had a brother,” he added.

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