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J. Hofstee Video Premiere: ‘Nerve'

J. Hofstee, who co-fronts local blues/rock group Lead Pony, drops his debut solo single

Every little thing you do / Is so much bigger," J. Hofstee sings on his stirring debut solo single, “Nerve,” and if there’s one thing to take away from our world as we currently know it -- now, more than ever, it needs voices and actions, however small and singular they may be. The tiniest movements can become gigantic. We’ve seen it happen time and time again.

While Hofstee (who moonlights as the co-singer/guitarist in local spastic-blues/rock troupe Lead Pony, fka Spero) may not have intended the first single off his upcoming EP "Devil On My Shoulder" to be a sign o' the times, I’ve certainly imagined it to be.

And maybe that’s the point: Perhaps the best part about this intimate “Nerve" -- aside from Hofstee’s gripping vocals and the song’s haunting, circular melody -- is the ease with which it morphs into whatever you need it to.

Much like the colorful lyric video that the singer/songwriter made himself (and SoundDiego is premiering here), the song itself ably serves as a Rorschach test for listeners: What does it conjure up for you?

Listen to the lyrics, choose your own adventure, and get lost.

J. Hofstee releases his new EP at Soda Bar on Thursday, Aug. 31, with Inspired and the Sleep and Jason Andrew. Tickets are available here.

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