Is He Out of Luck?

Longtime San Diego TV personality Rod Luck has resurfaced in the local media.

Luck rapidly faded from view last May after he was arrested in the Bay Area, accused of striking a woman in a San Francisco hotel. The San Diego Union-Tribune reported that a friend of Luck's said Luck slapped the woman twice while arguing with somebody on the phone. Other guests at the hotel overheard the incident and called security. Luck later pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor battery charge, the paper reported.

Since then, the former KUSI reporter has taken anger-management classes and has not returned to broadcasting, the paper reported. Shortly after the case came to the attention of local media, KUSI officials announced Luck would be on an extended leave of absence.

These days, Luck is volunteering downtown at the Senior Community Center, the paper reported. He is "involved in a therapeutic program to deal with his drinking," the paper reported.

"There will be people who will think, 'What is he doing? Is he trying to soft-pedal this thing?' " Luck told the paper. “I just want people to know that I'm an honest guy and I'm sorry."

The woman he slapped told the paper, "I hope this will be buried under a bridge at some point, because he'd really like to get back to work."

Luck's status with KUSI is unresolved, the paper reported.

Read the Union-Tribune's "Station Break" for more details.

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