Hurricane Threatens Baja

Will San Diegans Travel Anyway?

Fishermen are pulling their boats out of the water, and hotels are urging tourists to stay away from the beaches, as Hurricane Norbert bears down on the Cabo San Lucas area of Baja California.

Norbert has winds of about 100 miles an hour, and is expected to hit land early Saturday.
According to the Associated Press, the high force winds will hit a relatively unpopulated stretch of coastline north of Cabo.

But a hurricane warning has been issued for the west coast of Baja, from Puerto Andresito to Agua Blanca.
Forecasters do say that Norbert will weaken somewhat before hitting land.

Fishermen are pulling their boats ashore in La Paza, a port town on Baja's eastern coast, and yellow flags are up on the beaches, warning swimmers to stay out of the water.

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