How To Prevent Home Cooking Fires This Thanksgiving Holiday

NBC 7 Responds with some tips on how to avoid too much heat in the kitchen

Thanksgiving Day: A time for families and friends to get together, eat, and celebrate the things they are most thankful for, not to fight kitchen fires.

According to State Farm Insurance, Thanksgiving is the most dangerous day for kitchen fires.

NBC 7 Responds spoke to State Farm Insurance Agent Walt Waggener for some tips and things you should avoid this Thanksgiving Day holiday.

“The stove is pretty fire-proof,” said Waggener, “it’s what is around it and above it that isn’t.”

Waggener says that a big cause for the kitchen fires is the havoc caused when there are too many people in the kitchen.

“Keeping kids and pets out of the kitchen certainly reduces the chances of having a fire,” said Waggener.

Now, what are other ways you can avoid a little too much heat in the kitchen this Thanksgiving Day?

  • Don’t wear loose fitting clothes
  • Don’t leave the stove and oven unattended when in use.
  • Use wooden utensils

“It isn’t a bad idea to bring that fire extinguisher in from the garage just to be sure,” added Waggener.

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