Most High Fives Completed in a Minute Set in San Diego

High five, San Diego!

Our fair city has once again been entered into the Guinness World Record books. 

San Diego Charger Jason Verrett joined 300 people at Qualcomm Stadium Friday in their effort to complete the most high fives in one minute.

Verrett made the first two attempts but organizers say he ran too fast (44 seconds) for cameras to receive an accurate count.

So a Kaiser Permanente Assistant Medical Group Administrator named Dave Horton made the group’s third and final attempt.

He beat the current record of 277 but successfully completing 290 high fives, according to a Kaiser Permanente spokesperson.

The health care provider put together the event to inspire more people to adopt healthy eating and active lifestyles.

What constitutes an official high five according to the Guinness World Record rules?

  • A slap must be heard.
  • Only one hand can be used by the runner
  • If one person is smaller, the hand must be above the head.
  • One high five per person in line.
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