Residents Trash-Talking Recycling Center

EDCO, the waste and recycling company, has plans to build an organic green-waste recycling facility in Valley Center near Betsworth Road.  This, according to the North County Times, which goes onto say residents, perhaps unsurprisingly, are not happy.

EDCO President Steve South said he wants to hear out those concerns at community meetings which are set to begin on July 22.

South maintains the proposed facility isn't a landfill.  The company would take only "leaves, grass and other organic material and turn them into useful products, with nothing left over to take to landfills."

Last year, EDCO bought about 197 acres south of Betsworth Road and west of Frace Lane.  The facility would take up between 35 and 50 acres.  Initial plans call for 20 trucks a day to haul in 406 tons of green waste to the site.  That's a lot of grass.

The president of the homeowner's association at the Ranch, which is a gated community near the proposed site, isn't interested in talking about it.  Sharing his concerns.  Hearing how it's gonna be a good thing,  Richard Moker wants none of it.

"I bought this lovely house for the view, and now the view we'll have, for lack of a better word, a dump," he's quoted as saying.

This green waste facility would be the first of its kind of EDCO.  The goal, apparently, is to remove organic material from landfills.  To do that, South estimates, 96 more green recycling plants are needed in the Golden State by 2020.

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