Governor Brown Touts Latest Budget in San Diego

The California governor visited San Diego on Jan. 9. 2014, to propose his newest budget for the state

California Gov. Jerry Brown is on his way to San Diego to promote the 2014-15 fiscal year budget on Thursday afternoon.

The governor made his first stop of the day in Sacramento earlier Thursday. As expected, he discussed education, which gets an additional $10 billion in this budget.

That includes a $3.9 billion boost for K-12 schools and an extra $1.1 billion for higher education -- UC's, Cal States, and Community Colleges.

Brown's administration says for K-12 schools, funding levels will increase by $3,400 dollars per student through the 2017-18 fiscal year.

Education's a major piece but just a piece of the $154.9 billion dollar plan. It also reduces debt by more than $11 billion this coming fiscal year and fully eliminates it by 2017-18.

There's also $815 million for critical deferred maintenance in state parks, highways, local streets and roads, schools, community colleges, prisons and state hospitals among other state facilities.

In Sacramento, the governor said California has long-term liabilities so it should be hesitant to commit to what seem to be attractive programs.

Brown says the proposed budget aims to build a lasting rainy-day fund, hold tuition flat for college, and focus on health care and public safety.

He says California already has relatively high taxes so a tax increase doesn't seem to be an option.

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