Getting Close to K-9's

One of the key assets in the San Diego police force is its K-9 unit. Dogs trained specifically to assist with arrests, narcotic and explosive searches and pursuits.

In the SDPD, K-9's go through special training in order to work 40 hours a week alongside their human partners.

San Diegans got the chance to see the dogs in action Thursday during a live demonstration that was part of the special event: "Breakfast with K-9" put on by the San Diego Police Foundation at Qualcomm Stadium.

SDPD's Lt. Carey Brooks said, "They are a partner. They are also a tool to the Police Department in times where we have hostile or violent suspects, fleeing suspects, suspects may be concealing themselves."

Susan Rojas of Tierrasanta showed up to the free event to see some of the training techniques. "I've never seen anything like this and it's pretty neat to watch them get attacked it's pretty funny," said Rojas.

Bred in Europe, the K-9's cost anywhere from $7,000 to $10,000 and once they arrive, they are put to the test to make sure they're ready for patrol.

 "We put them through our own general training academy which is 8 weeks after that if they have the drive to do narcotics or explosives work that's an additional 6 weeks of work," said Lt. Carey.

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