Fox Outsmarted, Captured by Kensington Resident

A little fox found itself outsmarted by a Kensington resident who wanted the animal out of his yard, San Diego County Animal Services said Wednesday.

On Monday, the man called animal services to report the fox sniffing around his backyard. But by the time animal control officers arrived, the crafty animal had made itself scarce.

The next night, it was not so smart. Watching for the tiny intruder, the homeowner left a door open to a granny flat behind his house, hoping the fox would be drawn inside.

The animal took the bait, making itself right at home on the bed.

That’s where animal control officers found it when they arrived. They even took a picture of the beautiful creature in its calm posture.

However, the fox was soon startled by the humans. It leaped off the bed, ran behind some tables and somehow jumped to the highest shelf in the closet.

One officer was able to slowly put a net over the animal and capture it.

According to animal services, the fox looked like a healthy adult, but it was a bit lethargic. Project Wildlife took in the animal for observations.

Kensington Fox_Officer_596x373 (3)
County Animal Services
Animal Control Officer Dereck Nykaza captures a fox from inside a Kensington home.
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