Super Bowl

Fans flock to Pacific Beach bars and restaurants for Super Bowl

The biggest day in football tradition drew in large crowds to the city of San Diego

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For many restaurants and bars, Super Bowl Sunday meant business following a rainy week.

Fans of the Kansas City Chiefs, the San Francisco 49ers, Taylor Swift and Usher all contributed to the huge turnout for many watch parties in Pacific Beach.

Maverick’s Beach Club says the big game draws in more than 1,000 customers to their bar to watch the game.

“It’s the Super Bowl. It’s the Super Bowl of events. The Super Bowl in general. And it’s one of our favorite kind of events here at Mavericks,” Krista Marcheschi with Mavericks said.

The event also brings an economic boost to San Diego. The. U.S. Chamber of Commerce estimates the Super Bowl will bring nearly $200 million in spending to the San Diego metro area.

“For us, it's a big deal to celebrate our California culture, our California teams and all the fan bases that comes along,” Marcheschi said.

The watch parties provided local businesses with some relief after days of rain pounded the city and county.

“No one wants to go out in the rain, so no one wants to come to a restaurant or a bar. They usually DoorDash or whatnot, so human bodies being in our business, that’s one huge thing that was affected by the rains,” Marcheschi said.

Pacific Beach Ale House also had a full house.

“I think of high alcohol sales and a lot of people to come and watch the game,” Taylor Rosario said.

The National Retail Federation estimates total spending for the Super Bowl nationwide will reach about $17.3 billion, with 80% dedicated to food and drinks. That's an increase of nearly $1 billion from last year.

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