San Diego

Local Zika Virus Cases Expected To Rise: Experts

Experts with the San Diego Health And Human Services Agency (HHSA) said they are expecting an increase in Zika Virus cases locally.

“There have been cases close to the border in Baja California," said Dr. Eric McDonald of the HHSA. "It’s a concern for us here in San Diego because we have the mosquito that transmits the virus.”

Zika Virus is transferred through mosquitoes to human and cause birth defects. It can also be sexually transmitted among people.

"Four out of five patients don't have any symptoms," said McDonald. "It is recommended you get tested before you get pregnant for the Zika antibodies.”

There is currently no vaccine or medication for Zika Virus.

Since 2015 in San Diego, there have been 89 travel associated cases of Zika Virus and that number continues to increase.

McDonald added with mosquito season coming from the summer months to the fall, more cases will arise in San Diego.

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