Escondido Shoots for Millions

Escondido is guaranteed more than $4 million from the federal stimulus package already, the North County Times, reported, and the city is looking to beef up that number to $23 million.

The city is hoping to attain another $19 million for civil service and public safety projects from rebuilding the fire station near Kit Carson Park and hiring 18 more police officers.

Escondido is looking for any way to get the “in” on some of the stimulus money City Manager Clay Phillips told the City Council. The city will face some challenges getting there however—he said the grants the city would need to take over funding would come through after federal money is long gone, the paper reported.

One of the programs, for example, would be hiring 12 police officers and creating six new positions on the force that would cost the city $5.1 million dollars over three years. After the three years, the city would be required to cover those officers for at least a fourth on their own.

On top of it all, the Utilities Department has a “wish list” that could earn the city $45 million more, but it isn’t likely the department’s director said. Lori Vereker told the paper that Escondido would most likely see $15 million or less.

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