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Falling Tree Fatally Strikes Driver, Prompting Lane Closures in Fallbrook: CHP

A falling tree, loosened by the morning storm, immediately crushed the driver.

A tree fell on a driver in a fatal crash that prompted road closures by the area in Fallbrook Monday, California Highway Patrol (CHP) confirmed.

It happened at about 8:20 a.m. at the 2200 block of Willow Glen Road. According to the CHP, the falling tree immediately crushed and killed the 84-year-old driver. 

He was driving his 2007 Toyota Sienna Mini Van northbound on the road, when the tree fell directly on top of his vehicle, quickly killing him, according to CHP. The driver did not appear to have hit the tree. It looked like the tree just collapsed, in the middle of the morning storm.

Both the southbound and northbound lanes of Willow Glen Rd. were reopened after several hours of closures.

The ground was apparently saturated with rain water, which likely loosened the tree's roots, said CHP officers.

No other vehicles were involved. The incident remains under investigation.

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