San Diego

Driver Crashes Into Point Loma Home

A driver crashed into the bedroom of a Point Loma home Wednesday, damaging the resident's car in the driveway at the same time.

The crashed happened on Nimitz Boulevard, at Evergreen Street just after 5 a.m.

A property manager told NBC 7 this is the fourth time a crash like this has happened at that address. 

The driver was a 64-year-old woman, who suffered minor injuries, police said. 

A couple and their son have lived in the home for nine years, according to the property manager. One of them was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. The family will be staying with neighbors temporarily. 

Police said it did not appear the driver was under the influence of alcohol, but believe excessive speed may have been a factor in the crash.

A guardrail had been installed to help prevent such crashes. The driver crashed right through that guardrail.

Officers said other drivers have crashed into the same home at least two other times. 

No other information was available.

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