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Chula Vista Firefighters Rescue Dog Trapped for Days in Storm Drain

A dog trapped in a Chula Vista storm drain for several days was rescued Thursday.

Sammy, a small dog that appeared to be a Pomeranian mix, had been missing from his home in Eastlake since Monday, his owners said.

They thought he was in the storm drain and looked for him until they could pinpoint his exact location.

Then, they called the Chula Vista Fire Department for help. 

Firefighters brought out their heavy equipment to North Creekside Drive and pinpointed the location of Sammy through his barks.

They found the dog inside an 18-inch pipe underground. 

"The dog was healthy. He was a little bit scared," said Battalion Chief Sean Lowery.

The rescuers were able to push Sammy through the pipe to a secondary point in order to get the dog to the surface, he said. 

“The owners were ecstatic,” he added. 

Chula Vista police were also called to help with traffic control. 

The crew is specifically trained to access something in a confined space.

The neighborhood is located south of Otay Lakes Road and east of Hunte Parkway. 

No other information was available.

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