Defendant Acquitted in PB Punch Death

Sam Bonsu, once charged with murder in the death of Nathanial Ward, walked away from court Wednesday a free man.

The family of a 25-year old man who died in Pacific Beach last year came to court seeking justice, but left calling the jury's decision "unjust."

The man once charged with murder for the death of Nathanial Ward is now a free man.

Ward died after a punch from Sam Bonsu in Pacific Beach, May 24, 2008. Both sides claimed they were the ones being attacked.

Prosecutors say Ward was riding in a cab that collided with Bonsu's car.  They say when Ward was getting out of the cab, Bonsu punched him in the temple.  He didn't die immediately.  He went to the hospital and checked himself out when he felt better, but died five days later.

Bonsu was acquitted of voluntary manslaughter in a separate trial last fall. On Wednesday, Bonsu walked away from the downtown courthouse a free man, acquitted on involuntary manslaughter charges.

Ward’s family says the evidence showed Ward was reaching for his wallet when he was sucker-punched during a confrontation.

His attorney said the 36-year old Bonsu “felt he had to defend himself at 2 a.m. in an attack from four drunk guys.”

Ward's mother had strong words for the jury Wednesday, “He will reap what he sowed. He will go to hell, I believe that.”

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