Cops: The Dude, Like, Burned Mom's Garage Down

This story has all the elements: a bong, a blowtorch and a guy living in his parent's garage.

A guy in his early 20s who "resides with his parents but lives in the garage" turned his home into toast Thursday, police said.

Police said the blaze began about 6:30 p.m. in the 8850 block of Adobe Bluffs Drive in Rancho Penasuitos when The Dude lit a bong hit with a blow torch, which also started the couch on fire. The Dude ran out for water, but the 2 quarts he came back with -- no time element is available for this portion of the fiasco -- were unable to extinguish the fire, which by that time had fully engulfed the garage.

Next, The Dude decided to save his Jeep, which he tried to push out of garage, but The Dude burned his hands in the process, according to police. Luckily for The Dude, neighbors called 911, and he let his family know to get them out of the house.

Unfortunately, there is an innocent victim in this story: a fireman and The Dude were both hospitalized.

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