Controversy du Jour

Forget “Where’s the beef?” It’s the cheese in the sandwich that is missing now.

Chula Vista Elementary School District’s cheese sandwich that had brought some stinky controversy has been thrown in the trash, The San Diego Union Tribune reported. The controversial sandwich was served to students whose parents failed to pay for at least three lunches.

Critics of the cold cheese sandwich said that it singled out kids and had allegedly caused some children to cry. The school district, which had for five years served the sandwich to debtors’ offspring, finally scrapped the sandwich and is now trying a different route to eat away at the lunch debt of almost $300,000. The district is now utilizing automated telephone calls as a reminder to pay the school.

In an internal investigation conducted by the school district, officials found little difference in payment between schools that rigidly enforced the sandwich policy and those that were more lax, district spokesman Andrew Millican told The San Diego Union Tribune.

According to the Chula Vista Elementary School Board, no matter how you slice it, singling out kids with processed American cheese singles and wheat bread is not okay. Don’t fret cheese-lovers. Grilled cheese sandwiches are still on the menu!

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