Carnival cruise ship rescues 25 people in small boat off Pacific coast of Mexico

NBC Universal, Inc.

Rescue personnel with the cruise ship Carnival Radiance rescued 25 people from a small boat off the Pacific coast of Mexico after responding to a call from the U.S. Coast Guard on Saturday.

The Coast Guard contacted officers aboard the cruise ship, which was sailing toward Ensenada, Mexico, about a distress call involving a small vessel on Saturday afternoon, according to Carnival.

The ship was immediately routed toward the location provided by the Coast Guard. The team was able to rescue 25 people, including three children onto Carnival Radiance, according to the cruise ship line.

Carnival's team offered help such as food, water, and medical assistance to the people rescued and arranged a rendezvous with Coast Guard officials, according to Carnival.

On Friday, Carnival Radiance left its homeport of Long Beach, California, for a three-day cruise. The rescue operation did not impact its schedule and sailing remains on time.

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