Carlsbad Man Skydives for 100th Birthday: ‘I Gave My Pacemaker a Workout'

Glenn Quillin celebrated his 100th birthday on Sunday, but he didn’t do it with cake and streamers.

Instead he streamed across the sky by jumping out of a plane for the first time at Skydive San Diego in Jamul.

“It was awesome, it was great, it was everything I expected and more,” Quillin said after landing. “I gave my pacemaker a workout.”

The centenarian explained skydiving was something he’d planned to do for a long time. “By God we did it,” said the man from Carlsbad, California. 

Quillin did a tandem jump from 13,000 feet while his family cheered him on.

“Is there time for another one before dark?” he joked.

There is no word on what Quinn plans for his 101st birthday.

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