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Boxing Champion Teaches Kids to Knock Out Negativity With ‘One Million Punches'

Third graders were shown how to pack a punch while treating others with respect

Champion boxer, Billy Moore, taught third graders how to throttle negativity one punch at a time at Fire Station 6 in El Cajon Friday.

Part of the event's purpose was to show the children a positive way to combat racism and gang violence, along with building trust between the community and first responders.

The fire station was filled with students from Lexington Elementary School observing the boxing lesson in rapt silence, while absorbing an important lesson from Moore and the first responders.

They learned the art of punching from the heart, as a way to channel their emotions into a force of goodness and strength.

"When you instill good habits into young kids, they may stray, but when they have good habits, you are going to always come back to them," said Moore, who is also the President of the ABC Youth Foundation.

When asked what inspires him to keep working with kids, he said the state of the modern world is missing one major component -- respect.

Studies show that physical activities with a positive message can help shape the development of kids, especially at a young age, said Moore.

He believes that making an investment in children will lead to a better future for everyone.

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