Family Charged after Verizon Phone Mystery

NBC 7 Responds helps a frustrated father over a mishap with Verizon Wireless and a missing family plan phone.

With all of the communication technology we have these days, sometimes companies and consumers still have a hard time communicating.

When Kenneth Potter's daughter Elizabeth accidently broke her phone, the family shelled out $300 for a replacement. They say the replacement, a refurbished phone, didn't work right though, so they asked Verizon for another one.

“The problem started when Verizon said she (Elizabeth) didn’t return the second phone, the refurbished phone,” Kenneth said.

Until the Potters returned that phone, Kenneth said their family plan was going to be charged $549.

Kenneth told NBC 7 Responds, “she (Elizabeth) just followed the instructions and received a text message saying that they’d received the returned phone.”

Kenneth spoke with several Verizon employees over the phone. He says he spent close to 20 hours trying to get the charge dropped from his bill but the bills continued.

With no answers in sight, Kenneth decided to call NBC 7 Responds.

A couple days after NBC 7 Responds reached out to Verizon, an Executive for the company contacted Kenneth to apologize for the mishap over the missing phone and to inform him that the charges on his account would be dropped.

To watch the Potter family’s full story with NBC 7 Responds, click the video above.

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