Blocked Budget Means 20,000 Pink Slips

Efforts to pass a California budget have failed and the governor is ready to layoff thousands of state workers. 

Twenty thousand pink slips are expected to be sent out Tuesday.

The layoffs will target workers in corrections, health, human services and other departments that receive money from the general fund, state officials said. California may also  slash 10,000 additional jobs as part of an order to cut government payroll.

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger delayed sending out pink slips when it appeared lawmakers would come to a compromise to fill the state's $42 billion shortfall.  Even after days of debate, however, Republicans are still one vote short of a deal to increase taxes by $14 billion. Lawmakers from both parties have resisted the reforms.

The governor’s office said that without a budget, it is forced to start making cuts. 

“Unfortunately the governor has to send those notices out to 20,000 state employees so we can start realizing some savings in state government," the governor's press secretary, Aaron McLear, said.
The state also plans to halt all remaining public works projects, potentially forcing thousands of construction workers out of jobs. 

State senators are expected to resume their debate Tuesday. Senate leader Darrell Steinberg told lawmakers to bring their toothbrushes, saying they would not leave until the vote was secured.

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