Black Bears Rescued From Defunct Zoo

A local sanctuary is living up to its name; Alpine's Lions Tigers and Bears showed off two new additions on Monday, two black bears named Delilah and Blossom. They were rescued from the now defunct Little River Zoo in Norman, Oklahoma.

The Oklahoma zoo closed after having financial difficulties, which forced zoo officials to find new homes for more than 300 animals.

The sanctuary agreed to take in the animals and was in the process of building a bear habitat, but as the zoo raced toward financial devastation, zoo officials gave the group an ultimatum, LTB founder Bobbi Brink said.

"They said if these bears are out of here in a week, they are going to a game ranch," Brink said.

The sanctuary rushed to Oklahoma to save the animals, after hearing they could be headed to the game sanctuary where they could have been hunted and killed.

Brink drove across country to rescue the animals and bring them to her facility in Alpine.

The $368,000 bear habitat project is not completed, but Brink hopes to finish it in the next few weeks.

The two bears will join the sanctuary's resident black bear Liberty in the new bear habitat.

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