Apartments Offer Rents from $500 – 800

San Diego's newest affordable housing opened in the East Village Thursday

The city's newest housing opened Thursday offering rents anyone would consider affordable.

Studio 15 is located at Imperial and 15th in the East Village.

The building is a public and private project that features 275 studio apartments with monthly rents that range from $505 to $758

Not only are the units affordable but it's also unique to downtown San Diego.

"It is unique in that in downtown San Diego there are just a few of these type of complexes that have developed over the past few years," said James Silverwood with Affirmed Housing Group. "One of the important factors that sets this apart is that this is one of the first green buildings."

The units are available to individuals with 40 to 60 percent of the average median income.

For more information on Studio 15, check the San Diego Housing Commission website or call (800) 801-8440.

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