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Actor Marlon Wayans is in San Diego

Actor and comedian Marlon Wayans has a busy year with a new comedy show on NBC coming out and a new movie on Netflix, both released in August.

He stopped by NBC 7 studios in San Diego Friday to talk about his new projects.

Wayans is known for his roles in hit movies like Scary Movie and White Chicks.

His new show, "Marlon," is loosely based on his life. In it, he plays a divorced father trying to raise his children alongside his ex-wife, all with a comedic twist.

Wayans also has a movie coming out on Netflix called Naked. In it, Wayans plays Rob Anderson who is set to marry a girl but gets stuck in a time loop, waking up naked over and over again.

"I'm naked in the movie, so I did a lot of squats," said Wayans of his preparation for the role. "I love the movie Groundhog Day. So to have that experience and be naked at the same time: I'm a free spirit. I go into the house and get naked. Most of us do, let's be real."

Wayans is in San Diego for multiple comedy shows he's doing over the weekend at American Comedy Co.

"I'm doing eight shows," said Wayans, "Come get your tickets now while they're nice and cheap because after the TV show and the movie come out, it's going to be weird."

Naked will be available on Netflix August 11.

Marlon premieres on NBC Wednesday, August 16 at 9 p.m.

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