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National City Teachers Strike Averted



    National City Teachers Strike Averted
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    Finally, the parents and children of New York City are learning the truth. The people at the head of the state educational system are admitting what we have long suspected: that previous numbers on math and reading tests were phony.

    National City elementary school teachers will be in the classroom Friday.

    After a marathon session of negotiations, both sides reached a deal on a three-year contract, averting a strike.

    "We started negotiations at 8:30. We settled a contract after 18 hours around 2:30 a.m., we are in the process of contacting our members," said union president Linda Cartwright.

    “We're very happy with the outcome and very pleased with the results and now we're ready to move forward, "said district spokesperson George Cameron.

    More than 350 teachers from the Teachers Association had been without a contract since July of last year.

    After intensive bargaining overnight -- both sides came to agreements in regard to each of several sticking points including a change in calendar year, class size and the number of furlough days.

    The agreement still needs to be ratified by both the district's Governing Board and teacher unit members but officials say they expect that to happen.