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La Jolla Landmark Collapses



    La Jolla Landmark Collapses
    La Jolla Light

    An arch along the coast of La Jolla, the symbol of the community of Bird Rock, collapsed during the intense December storms.

    Images in the La Jolla Light show the arch earlier in 2010 and then the crumbled rocks discovered by locals on Wednesday,  Dec. 22.

    The rock shares the name of the famous surf spot. Located at the end of Bird Rock Avenue, the site has always managed to attract sea birds as often as surfers.

    The Bird Rock Community Council president, Joe Parker,  told the La Jolla Light a portion of the rock fell Tuesday during the storms but more fell Wednesday.

    “I didn’t hear the collapse,” La Jolla Historical Society member Don Schmidt said. “I didn’t hear anything with the wind and the rain and the heavy seas.”

    “Very sad," Sharon Wampler emailed the paper. " I recall recently the BR community talking about reinforcing the rock as a community project.”

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