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    Just in time for Caturday: San Diego makes a list of the top feline-friendly cities.

    The CATalyst Council put together the list of Top 10 metropolitan areas, which also includes San Francisco, Phoenix, Seattle, Atlanta, Minneapolis, Boston, Denver, Tampa and Portland, Ore.

    U.S. cities were examined for, among other things, the number of cats per capita, feline-friendly rules and regulations, as well as the percentage of microchipped cats.

    "Cats really are America's No. 1 companion," said Dan Kramer, chair of the CATalyst Council. "Our goal is to recognize and celebrate why cats are such popular companions. We applaud the efforts of these major metropolitan areas for providing a wealth of resources for cats and their owners along with their earned accolade of being one of America’s Top 10 cat-friendly cities."

    Officials at the council said that they issued the list in the hopes of increasing the public's recognition of the animals' needs for proper care and attention.

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