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Breaking The Cycle Of Chronic Homelessness

The United Way will chose 25 chronically homeless people and get them off the streets.



    Breaking The Cycle Of Chronic Homelessness
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    A homeless man panhandles.

    San Diego is taking a big step to get the homeless off the streets and save taxpayer money at the same time.

    The United Way and its 'Home Again' campaign to end chronic homelessness, announced the creation of 'Project 25."

    Here's how it works: 'Project 25’ will choose 25 of the most frequent users of government services for the homeless in conjunction with the city and county of San Diego.  They will be provided a place to live and services to improve their lives.

    "It costs more to do nothing," said Brian Mainschein with the United Way. "Ignoring this problem does not make it go away, and in fact, it only makes it cost more.  Taking the most difficult and costly population and improving their lives is not only humane but it makes economic sense." 

    The 3-year pilot program is the first of its kind in the County.

    It's estimated there are 1,600 chronically homeless people in San Diego County.