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Amazing Race for Local Couple

$1,000,000 prize for finishing first



    Amazing Race for Local Couple
    Dating Teammates, Meghan Rickey and Cheyne Whitney from San Diego, Calif., are one of the Teams competing on The Amazing Race 15 on CBS.

    San Diego couple Meghan Rickey and Cheyne Whitney will bring home $1,000,000 and the experience of a lifetime.

    After 8 countries, 21 days and more than 25,000 miles of racing around the globe, the couple took the top prize in the 15th season of The Amazing Race.

    “It’s just been such a wonderful experience, every step of the way,” Rickey said, "This is absolutely a dream come true."

    The 23-year-olds met while playing a competitive game of tetherball in elementary school and have been dating for nearly five years, according to the show’s Web site.

    “I’m unbelievably proud of Meghan, every step of the way, she really gave it her all, she’s an amazingly strong and intelligent woman and I’m so happy she’s mine,” Whitney said.

    Meghan and Cheyne were the first to get to Wayne's ranch in Las Vegas, their final destination after starting the season finale in Prague. They had a hard time finding the entrance, but they were still the first across the finish line.

    “The whole experience in itself was life-changing and the money is not even as important as what we got to do together, Whitney said, “It was the perfect race, it could not have been any better.”