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Back when she suffered from chronic knee pain, local singer-songwriter Felicia could hardly limp off stage, let alone lug her gear out to her car.

Felicia’s lifelong knee pain left her unable to fully enjoy her favorite activities — from performing on stage to riding her bike.

“[It] takes the breath out of you,” is how she described it at the time, pausing to catch her breath while wincing in pain. She was diagnosed with advanced arthritis in her early 40s, meaning she had the knees of someone twice her age.

Felicia met with the expert caregivers at Sharp HealthCare, who identified her as a candidate for total knee replacement. Using advanced technology, the orthopedic team replaced her damaged knee with a prosthesis that bonds to the bone itself. This method reduces the risk of post-operative complications and failure.

Since her procedure, Felicia is now able to do the activities she loves. She can even carry her gear on and off stage at shows.

“I’m so much happier. I mean I do things and I’m like, ‘Wow!’ I’ll get excited. I’ll put a little jog in my step. It’s like being reborn with a brand-new knee.”

Although many Americans suffer from chronic knee pain like Felicia’s, there is hope for recovery thanks to new medical advances in joint replacement surgery.

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