Fat Blaster's Results Debated

The new laser lipo called Zerona will shrink the fat cells, according to its makers. One local doctor has his doubts.

There's a new fat blaster in town, and it claims to be fast, painless and noninvasive, with no downtime. But one medical expert doubts those claims.

This technology is available exclusively in San Diego at LibertyMD.  Medical director at LibertyMD, Dr. Julie Doyle, raves about it, saying it rivals -- and beats - the quick results of liposuction.

"The technology is amazing. As a physician, I am always skeptical about the effectiveness of weight loss services and products. It seemed unlikely something could be so effective without touching the skin. However, now that we have it and I've seen the Zerona laser's results for myself, I believe this is going to change the way people fight the battle of the bulge," said Doyle.

Zerona is an FDA-approved body-sculpting laser that is designed to melt away fat. The method requires six sessions over a two week period. Patients lose an average of two to seven dress sizes, according to the device's manufacturer, Erchonia. 

"With traditional liposuction, you are actually removing the fat cells from the body. With Zerona, you're shrinking the fat cells," said Angela di Carleo with LibertyMD.

The laser's manufacturer says Zerona works by "zapping' the fat cells and releasing that excess tissue through the body's lymph system.

One medical expert expressed serious doubts about this new invention. 

"For a machine to lose 3 to 7 inches or get 2 to 7 dress sizes with a series of six treatments is almost beyond my imagination," said Dr. Mitch Goldman with the Dermatology/Cosmetic Laser Associates La Jolla.

Goldman says he used a version of the laser, together with liposuction, on some weight loss patients and the results from the laser were minimal.

While the company that developed Zerona has published test studies showing it works, Goldman believes those tests are not enough.

"To the best of my knowledge, this machine has never been proven in a peer-reviewed clinical study to be effective," he said.

A series of six treatments with Zerona costs about $2500. According to Dr. Doyle, patients must continue to exercise and eat well or the fat will return.

If you'd like to learn more about this procedure, LibertyMD will be holding a free Zerona informational seminar on June 10 at 6 p.m.

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