People Are the Cure

The San Marcos Robeks Juice are planning to have a fundraiser for the AA&MDS Foundation for anemia awareness week, December 1-7. Aplastic Anemia & MDS International Foundation, Inc. is a nonprofit organization that has been supporting patients and families living with bone marrow disease since 1983.

Josef Wood was first admitted to the hospital for aplastic anemia on his fourth birthday. After undergoing treatment and 30 blood transfusions, Josef, fortunately, went into full remission.

Aplastic anemia is a bone marrow disease, of which symptoms include increased bleeding, bruising and susceptibility to infections, shortness of breath, extreme fatigue and unusually pale skin color. Josef’s mother, Heather, says that catching the disease early on could mean saving a life.

Bone marrow diseases are extremely common with an estimated 30,000 people throughout the United States carrying one form of it or another. There is a person diagnosed with a type of bone marrow disease every 17 minutes.

The causes of the disease are unknown, but some suspected explanations are radiation, environmental toxins and over the counter or prescription medications.

People should be aware that their blood donations and willingness to be on the bone marrow registry is what keeps patients like Josef alive.  “People are the cure for this disease,” says Heather.

If you would like to help Josef and family spread the awareness of bone marrow diseases, visit the San Marcos Robeks the first week of December or show your support at

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