Achoo! Spring is Here

   "Achoo", if it's not a cold, it could be an allergy. Now that spring is here allergies abound just like the flowers in the field that often cause the sneezing and watery eyes. It's enough to ruin your day and night. It can affect your work and your play time.

    Allergies are basically an overreaction to usually harmless substances like pollen, mold, house duts mites or animal dander. And when the body tries to get rid of the allergens, it releases histamine which in turn results in the trademark symptoms like runny nose and itching according to Brian Weeks, M.D. of Alvarado Hospital in San Diego.

    Ways to find relief might be, cutting down on time outdoors especially in the early morning,  exercise in the evening when pollen counts are lowest. use an air conditioner that filters out dust and pollen. If you just can't get relief, you should call your doctor.

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