Have Your Phone Call My Computer

Do you, like 10 million people, Cherple? Maybe it's time you should start using the free service.

Launched in January, Cherple is a  cell-phone-meets-computer chat service, reported the North County Times. Virtually any Internet-connected computer user can carry out two-way text messaging via Short Messaging Service -- or SMS -- with any cell phone user in the United States,  according to Robert Sanchez, chief executive of Globaltel Media, the company that offers Cherple.

Cell phone companies have offered such services for years, but they're restricted to their own users. Cherple works with any carrier. It's similar to Google's text messaging service, which was relaunched in December after a failed rollout in October.

There's no charge to use Cherple from a computer, but standard texting charges apply to the cell phone user, Sanchez said.

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