Comics Laugh At Layoffs

The grim news about the economy is nothing to laugh at. Or is it?

Have you been fired? Do you hate your job? Does your career suck big-time? If you answered yes to any of these questions then it's time to escape and have your 'humor revenge.'

That's the invite to "Thank You for Firing Me!" - a one-night only comedy show scheduled this month at the Carlsbad Village Theater.

On Saturday, November 22, audience members will have the chance to vent their frustrations and fears as the local comedy troupe, After 5 Club presents a special show.

Comedians - some include former execs - will offer some comic relief to those "asked to leave" their jobs and allow the audience to beat up on "Dick Tator" an idiot boss in the lobby who will fire theater-goers as they enter the venue.

Headlining the show is Vickie Barbolak, a San Diego comedian voted on network TV as America's Funniest Mom. In her previous life, Barbolak worked at her family-owned carpet store before she was fired.

Thank You for Firing Me! at Carlsbad Village Theater November 22, 8 p.m.

Call (800) 754-9737 for ticket information.

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