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Oh Christmas Tree! How Faithful Are Your Buyers?

Sales expected to weather economy



    Oh Christmas Tree! How Faithful Are Your Buyers?
    Tree Farmer Moves His Crop to Market

    Many people are giving up traveling and gifts this holiday season, but one thing San Diegans can't do without is their Christmas tree.

    The Home Depot on Sports Arena Boulevard in Point Loma expects to sell between nine and 10,000 trees throughout the holiday season.

    "We had a really great crowd for the Saturday after black Friday,” said Ron Reinbolt of Home Depot. One reason may be the comparable prices to last year.

    "We're going to sell about the same amount of trees this year. Our prices have stayed the same over the last year so we're very competitive on the trees this year," said Reinbolt.

    The trees range from $20 to about $99 for a ten foot Christmas tree. This season's top seller right now is the Nobel Fir, according to Home Depot.

    "We still wanted the tree so it feels more like Christmas," said shopper Karen Rubio. Rubio said she's cutting back on presents this year, but not having a tree would feel "weird."

    "We're not traveling and probably holding back about 90 percent this year. We're not going to do much. We're looking at that for at least the next two to three years," said Charles Green, who held a tree in his hand.

    Some shoppers got trees a little bit smaller this year because of the economy. "Our tree was huge last year. It was probably about 12 feet tall and my wife doesn't like downsizing. I said look, it's a recession we've got to downsize a little bit," said shopper Jeff Herrera.