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Well, not that kind of six-pack, Chachi. We're talking the hoppy, malty kind that's anything but the rugged, washboard-type you're accustomed to seeing on the cover of Men's Health. In fact, another high-falutin' magazine just covered the SD craft beer scene, and it's no surprise that Yelpers had something to say. While crunches, side-bends and sit-ups are just dandy for acquiring rock-hard abs, we here at Yelp are all about a different, well-rounded kind of weight training exercise: 12-ounce curls!

Fancy drinks loaded with exotic syrups and muddled mint leaves are just fine, but if you prefer the yeast and barley of a microbrewed lager, grab a designated driver and zoom on down to Hamilton's. Dom H is always down for a cold brewski there, an alehouse he likens to "heaven on earth for dudes and dames alike who are enthusiastic about great beer and love to drink it!" Meanwhile, if you like to consume your Belgian-style booze amongst NPR lovers with weird haircuts, skinny jeans and fixed-wheel bicycles, hightail it to Toronado. Eric H gloats, "I like to think of myself as an aspiring beer snob, and I always get giddy with their vast selection. The beer is outstanding and the hipster watching is just as good!"

If you're a lightweight and need some sustenance to soak up those high ABV levels, hunker down at Blind Lady Ale House, where Matthew V has a step-by-step guide to staying semi-lucid while getting your swerve on: "First, order your pizza. Second, order your beer. Third, eat your pizza and drink your beer." Why didn't we think of that? For North County folks, a fab brew 'n' chew option can be found at Pizza Port, where, Dana S announces, "Pizza, beer and sports. Life doesn't get much better than an amazing pie and an ice cold adult beverage while you watch the game!" We won't argue that.

For serious beer nerds, you can't go wrong with a trip to O'Brien's, where Matthew S professes, "If you have a soul, you'll love this place," a beer mecca that boasts double-IPAs, saisons and rare barley wines, oh my! And Mark F gets downright spiritual about Main Tap Tavern by offering this holy plead: "Let the many beer choices satisfy my soul and bless me with good food and friendly service. Amen."

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