When Animals Attack

Pack of wild dogs may be to blame

An East County man arrived home Monday night to find his back yard animals dead and officials suspect a pack of wild dogs may be on the loose.

Tyler Hopkins lives in rural East County in the 2600 block of Bratton Valley Road in Jamul.  He came home to find most of his animals dead or seriously injured. 

"They had their ears chewed off," Hopkins said.  Six of his goats were mauled, four of them are dead.  Two of his sheep were also attacked and suffered serious injuries. 

County animal control officers came out to the home and Hopkins said they believed that a pack of dogs may have attacked the animals. 

"It was just either a pack of dogs, three or four dogs, somebody's pets and they found their way into my property," Hopkins said. 

San Diego County Sheriff's deputies also came out to the home.  They also believe some neighborhood dogs attacked the animals.  But no one knows where the dogs are, or who owns them.   Hopkins said  the goats cost about $50 each.

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