Airy Flats a collection of saucy shades for less than a nice dinner and t-shirts as bright and fun as you.

MINTY FRESH: Sandals are a necessity in the summer, but let's face it: strappy isn't always appropriate and your gladiators don't go with everything. The next time you seek a simpler, more conservative shoe but don't want to suffer through closed-toed styles, take a look at these pastel India flats by Pink Studio. The toe strap features a simple, loafer-style fringe that adds just the right amount of flirtiness to an otherwise easygoing flat. The back straps are soft, unobtrusive leather. You can pick up them up in moss green or tan at Mint in Hillcrest for $74.95.

COLOR BLOCK: Just steps away from Mint, Designer Style offers slick "mock-offs" of high fashion sunglasses. Styled after designers such as Electric, Peoples and Tom Ford, this summer's frames come in a variety of fun colors and shapes. Since you'll only pay $10.99 for one pair and $15.99 for two, you can change up your beach look without feeling guilty. Plus, you'll save your nice shades from the sand and saltwater.

KIT-TEES: Basic tees are comfortable, chic and simple, but they can also be pretty darn boring. Thanks to local designer Susie Ghahremani (founder of Boygirlparty on Etsy) you can keep that comfort while sporting some fresh style. This apricot Yarn Kitty t-shirt features a sweet kitten design by the artist and a flattering fit. If felines aren't your thing, a variety of other darlings decorate her clothing, accessories and stationery. Prices vary by item, but t-shirts run around $20.

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