Toys Destroyed by Flooding: Salvation Army Pleads for Help

The Salvation Army is desperate for toy donations, after rain flooded a room where toys are stored.

"We're asking San Diego to once again work with us, network with us so we can get these 20,000 children their toys on Christmas Day," said Patti Brooks of the Salvation Army.

Water seeped up through the foundation of the downtown Salvation Army, and into about 50 boxes filled with donated toys, ruining more than 1,000 of them.  Volunteers spent Wednesday sorting through the toys to see what could be salvaged.

 Workers say it is a huge setback, with the distribution deadline less than three weeks away, and with a growing number of families in need in the San Diego area.

 "There are a lot of families that are first time families because of the economic crisis," Brooks said.

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